Thursday, October 11, 2012

Edinburgh, Scotland:

Greyfriars Church.  "Greyfriars" refers to Fransiscan monks, who wore brown.  At the time though anything dull or muddy was referred to as grey.  There are a lot of Greyfriar places in Scotland, including pubs.  Also there are a lot of Blackfriars places which refers to Domincan monks.  The church above is not a Catholic church but the grounds were originally Franciscan property so the name stuck.  It is a Church of Scotland church now but is controversial.  The interior has beautiful stained glass windows and decorations but many in the Church of Scotland frown on decorations.  Beautiful though.

The church is famous for a dog, Bobby.  His owner died ad Bobby everyday went and sat at his grave for 14 years until he died.  He couldn't be buried in the cemetery (consecrated ground) but was buried as closely as possible.  Lots of Bobby books and even a bronze statue.

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